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Your role is one of the most influential in the treatment of lung cancer

In a treatment arena made up of many team members, all specializing in specific disciplines, you, the nurse, play one of the most important roles in helping to manage a patient's lung cancer. You manage the illness and treatment. The pain and the side effects. The physical and the emotional. The education and the support. And you do it for everyone involved.

Tools for oncology nurses everywhere

What you tell them, teach them, and show them is key to ensuring a high quality of care. The library below was assembled to help you do this quickly and easily. So you can spend less time looking for what your patients need and more time helping them understand. 

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  • This video from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute explores how advances in medicine and education are helping to improve lung cancer survival. Watch it now.
  • This Advocacy in Action panel discussion looks at ways to ensure that patients get what they need. See it now.
  • Identify and intervene with patients who struggle with tobacco usage. Download article now.


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